Our plastic ControlBands open doors for you

For our clients:

Admission and control

We produce plastic wristbands for events and discotheques. Our product range includes ControlBands, SafetyBands and AdmissonBands

  • every colour is possible
  • we produce small and large numbers of units
  • the wristbands are not communicable
  • if AdmissionBands are forced open the lead seal inside  
  • breaks, the band becomes useless
  • colour- and water-resistant
  • economical
  • made from polypropylene


High-quality, non-printed ControlBands in individual quantities.

All the colours

We produce wristbands in all imaginable colours and deliver quickly.


Our wristbands make it easy to stay in control who is allowed access. 

Colours, colours, colours

All these colours are available for our AdmissionBands and ControlBands.

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