Our service:

For our clients, we produce almost any bucket or round container. These containers are suited for food products, but also for bulk goods and liquids

  • food-safe
  • with handl
  • with or without lid
  • different sizes and capacities available
  • 1.5l, 2.1l, 2.6l, 5l, 11l
  • made from polypropylene
  • with warranty seal


Colour it!

  • Any particular colour in mind? No problem at all. We will mix the colour based on the sample we get from you.


  • Bring a template which we will modify together according to your requirements. We will then produce and print your product.


  • Simply tell us what you need. Usually, we find individual solutions which meet the needs of our clients.

Three cheers for our buckets!

Learn more about the history of an old container

The bucket is a form of container which was already used in the past to transport liquids or solid goods from A to B - a use which it has maintained. Even old versions of buckets had some sort of handle, so the form hasn't changed much either. There was a time when a bucket was also a unit of measurement for volume. A hundred litres fit into a barrel, ten litres...

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